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Metal Roofing: Beauty and The Beast. The design and elegance of a distinctive aesthetic combined with enduring strength and uncompromising efficiency.


Why Choose Connecticut Roofcrafters to specify and install your Metal Roof?

We install the gamut of roofing styles across a variety of building types, but one area where we excel is with metal and standing-seam roofs. Customers who select us for their metal roofs seem to do so for the following reasons:

  • Experience – a metal roof is a different animal that requires a specialized skill set to properly specify and install; a contractor with metal roof experience will maximize your metal roof’s performance, and add a level of comfort to your decision.
  • Passion – while metal roofs perform the base-level function of shielding your home or business from the elements in an enduring manner, they also enhance the aesthetic value of your building. We are passionate about the design benefits of metal roofs.
  • Expertise – experience across a variety of Metal Roof installations brings expertise. We focus on this material. We are certified Engelhard Metal installers which means we are current in new materials and the latest in installation methods.
  • Competitive Pricing – our pricing is on par with any  highly experienced and quality-focused installer you will find. While we may not be the lowest bid, you can bet your bottom dollar we will be the bid that represents the highest value.
  • Customer service – we pride ourselves on hearing the words, “Connecticut Roofcrafters exceeded our expectations” and we hear that phrase often.  It’s a point of pride that every member of our team looks at as the ultimate compliment.

For close to two decades, Connecticut Roofcrafters has installed a variety of standing seam and metal roof systems on commercial and residential structures.  Our team of expert metal roofing fabricators and installers are well-versed with the product offerings of leading manufacturers in the industry. 


That said, we primarily use Englert brand materials for every standing seam metal roof we install. We have found Englert to Englert Metal Logobe an innovator in the metal roofing space while adhering to a commitment to quality and customer service that only comes after fifty years in this business. The two types of materials we use are Galvalume (coated steel) and Aluminum, which is ideal for applications near the coastline. Englert materials are available in over 20 different colors and gauges; to get a good idea of what these colors look like, you can utilize their Roof Visualizer.

Once a material is selected, we do all phases of roof work, from tear off and repairs to carpentry and reinstallation. We are available to work directly with homeowners, no general contractor needed. We take pride in providing ‘old world’ custom fabrication and our ability to design right on site allows for a unique look at a lower cost and minimal lead time. Our process involves bringing the sheet metal shop to your jobsite which means: Straight Panels, Radius, Tapered, No damage from shipping, Less materials waste and in-progress changes easily accommodated.

COPPER Metal Roofing Systems

A copper roof is a distinctive roof; it adds considerably to property resale value and, at approximately 144 pounds per square, it is lightweight which means less structural reinforcement cost. Copper is affordable when compared to materials such as slate, tile or cedar. When you consider the lifetime cost of a copper roof, it is one of the least expensive materials available. A copper roof installed Connecticut Roofcrafters should last well over 100 years! It is environmentally friendly and can achieve a class “A” fire rating.

STEEL Metal Roofing Systems

It is the strongest standing seam roof and is highly wind and hail resistant. It is lightweight at 1.45 pounds per square foot. Steel is class “A” fire rated. The average steel roof by Connecticut Roofcrafters will last 50 years. You can choose from 30 colors. Use one color or combine several for a unique look!

ALUMINUM Metal Roofing Systems

The lightest of all metal materials, Aluminum is less expensive and a good alternative to copper, costing about 60-65% of a copper roof. It’s great for a salt-air environment, as it does not rust. An aluminum roof will last 50 years when installed by Connecticut Roofcrafters. There are 20 great colors to choose from or combine for an architecturally custom look.

ZINC Metal Roofing Systems

Zinc is for the customer who wants a distinctive look in a variety of natural colors. A zinc roof is corrosion resistant and self-healing, meaning that if is scratched the zinc roofing material can recover given time. Zinc roofing is maintenance free and will last up to 100 years. Connecticut Roofcrafters is certified in Zinc work.

Contact us directly to discuss your metal or standing-seam roofing needs: Toll Free (888) 612-0798 or via email

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About our Metal Roof Material Suppliers

Our Preferred Metal Roofing Vendors

We work primarily with three leading metal roof material producers: Englert, Firestone and Peterson (PAC-CLAD). However, if a different provider is right for your job, we can get favorable terms with just about any vendor in the industry.

Englert – Most of the metal roofs we install are with Englert metal. Almost all of our residential metal roofs and a share of our commercial metal roof material comes from this 50+ year old metal roof manufacturer. Known for the enduring quality and durability of their paint finishes; Englert Metal Roofs also lead the industry in environmental performance and LEED compliance. Lastly, our on-site roll-forming machine is tuned to Englert standards; and we are certified in Englert product specification and installation.

Firestone – Our go-to vendor for the majority of our commercial metal roof installations, Firestone Metal Roofs come in a variety of sustainable, dependable and environmentally friendly options. They also provide us with maximum design freedom as they are available in a wide range of applied finishes and materials. What’s more, the Firestone Red Shield™ Warranty coverage provides peace of mind and investment protection.

PAC-CLAD – A well-developed pedigree in architectural metal roofing, a product offering which includes three types of metal – galvanized steel, galvalume steel and prime quality aluminum – as well as 45 colors created with a 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (Kynar) coating make Peterson Aluminum Company a smart choice for both high-end residential as well as commercial applications where design and environmental efficiency are of paramount importance.

Englert Metal Roofing Solutions

The bulk of metal roofs we install are fabricated with Englert materials.

Firestone Metal Roofing Systems

Our primary supplier for Commercial Metal Roof Installations.

Peterson Aluminum Corp (PAC-CLAD)

High-end Metal Roofing Fabricators for Architectural Installations.

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