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Everyone of our customers is unique so they have different requirements for their specific job. That said, we’ve heard clients generally choose Connecticut Roofcrafters for six reasons:

Reputation ­

Here at Connecticut Roofcrafters, our reputation speaks for itself. Any of our satisfied clients will tell you that they are more than happy with the residential and industrial roofing products and services we provide here in Connecticut. We have attained such a positive reputation because of the superior quality of our work, attention to detail and pride we take in customer satisfaction.


For increased efficiency, productivity and overall quality, company president Michael Young deals directly with all our customers; no middlemen. His customer-­first attitude is evident from the start and Michael makes sure every job is overseen by an experienced, highly­-skilled and trusted foreman from start to completion.

Experience ­

Some of the most expert and experienced workers in the roofing business are among the ranks here at Connecticut Roofcrafters. Getting a job done in a timely, efficient and professional manner is second nature here; few companies can match our record of completed residential and industrial roofing jobs. We guarantee that the project will be done the right way every time.


The right price for the job is one of our top priorities and to us, the right price represents enduring value. We aim to provide top quality roofing to clients across Connecticut at an appropriate and affordable price. While we aim to beat competitor’s prices, we also guarantee that the job will be done the right way every time.

Certifications ­

We hold an extensive range of product and agency certifications, so every roofing job we do meets or exceeds all manufacturer and client requirements. You can rest assured that every worker, material, and tool that is being used on your new or restored roof is certified and approved.


At Connecticut Roofcrafters, we believe in honesty and integrity. We recognize clients rely on us to protect their property and investments. Accordingly, we work on all our projects with the same skill and care as if we were working on our own home. We love the satisfaction we get from a job well done, knowing our customers have a stable roof over their heads.

More than 80% of our business comes from customer referrals. We are both proud our customers have this level of confidence in our abilities and thankful for the kind words which generate these opportunities.

Care to read what our customers think of our work? Check out our testimonials.


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