While we happily work all over the state of Connecticut, we can’t deny the exhilaration that comes with the expansive and intricate rooftops we encounter with Fairfield County Roofing. The houses we work on in towns like Greenwich, New Canaan, Danbury, or Westport tend to have elaborate and challenging roofs that homeowners want to cover with traditional roofing materials such as cedar or slate, as well as aluminum or steel standing seam or architectural asphalt shingles. 

What makes these jobs so appealing is that for most of them, we get to employ some of the more traditional methods of roof installation. Steam-bending wooden shakes. Mixing and matching tri-colored slate. Fabricating half-round gutters. Installing red copper cleansing strips and valley flashing.

These traditional materials and installation techniques combine to create aesthetically pleasing roofs that are built to last for decades. Whether working with CertainTeed Landmark or GAF Timberline architectural asphalt, Watkins or Anbrook red or yellow cedar, Vermont slate, DaVinci synthetic slate, or standing seam metal from Englert or PAC-CLAD, we take as great a sense of pride in specifying and installing these roofs as our homeowner customers do in living under them. 

Following are some examples of roofs we’ve been able to install over the last five years in Fairfield County. We have another half dozen homes which we’ll be working on in the first part of 2022. Maybe your home will be among them?

Cedar Shingles in Westport, CT

Working on this New Traditional Victorian Beach Cottage on Saugatuck Island in Westport, CT was a dream come true for the Connecticut Roofcrafters crew.

After removing the previous roof, we laid down Ice and Water barrier and then a cedar breather mat, which creates airspace to promote airflow in all directions beneath the cedar roofing material and the sheathing. We then installed 8,500 square feet of Cromated Copper Arsenate-treated tapersawn cedar shingles, manufactured by Anbrook Industries. The CCA is an antifungal that protects the roof from premature aging.

This Fairfield County Roofing project included the fabrication and installation of 400 feet of custom half-round copper gutters and downspouts as well as 400 feet of soffit in custom cedar. 

Synthetic Slate in New Canaan, CT

This homeowner wanted to replace the cedar on this expansive and intricate gable-style roof with something aesthetically pleasing yet more enduring than wood. After considering a variety of factors, including the weight this roof deck could carry, we recommended synthetic slate.

Davinci multi-width synthetic slate has all the visual appeal of real slate but at about 1/4 the weight, which makes it easier to install and reduced the maintenance requirements.  All flashing is 16 oz copper for valleys, dormers, fireplaces, and other protrusions, which further enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Standing Seam Metal in Easton, CT

Of all the trends in roofing type we’ve witnessed over the last ten years, Metal and Standing Seam Metal have exploded in popularity; our recent blogpost provides some solid rationale for this growth. This Easton, CT Farmhouse and Garage is a great example of how the material can be used for both utility and pleasing aesthetics. The metal uses here is 24 gauge Kynar 500 steel by Englert, painted Matte Black. This job also demonstrates the unique suitability of Standing Seam metal for solar panel installation; as the panels can be mounted directly onto the metal seams using S5 clips as the anchoring system.

Cedar and Copper Hybrid in Greenwich, CT

Another terrific Fairfield County Roofing project, this expansive, low-slung Dutch Colonial style Greenwich residence is a work in progress and should be completed by mid-May. The primary roofing shingles are Western Red Cedar manufactured by Watkins Sawmills, Ltd; upon completion 80 squares (8,000 square feet) of this material will be installed.  The metal featured prominently above the eyebrow dormer at the rear of the residence is soldered flat-seam copper. 

Architectural Asphalt in Wilton, CT

This architectural asphalt installation on this expansive Wilton, CT contemporary home features a SureStart 5-Star 100% CertainTeed Roofing System. We installed CertainTeed underlayment, CertainTeed WinterGuard ice & water shield, CertainTeed ridge vents, and 5,000 square feet of CertainTeed Landmark Architectural Asphalt shingles in Pewterwood shade. We also replaced four existing skylights with new Velux “Fresh Air” manual skylights.

The 5-star CertainTeed SureStart warranty program provides 50 years of coverage for tear-off, new materials, installation labor, and disposal – this roof will literally last for generations. And with our craftsmanship and attention to detail in tackling the multiple hips and valleys, it will also be the envy of this neighborhood in terms of aesthetic appeal for that long as well.

Architectural Asphalt in Greenwich, CT

One of the most expansive residences we’ve had the pleasure of working on, we installed 7,000 square feet of GAF Camelot Architectural Asphalt onto this Greek Revival home in Greenwich, CT. Selected to emulate the slate roofing one might find on a structure such as this, the Architectural Asphalt shingles used here weigh approximately 25% of what real or synthetic slate would weigh (an important consideration in areas prone to heavy snow).  This Fairfield County Roofing installation was augmented by approximately 600 feet of ice dam heating coil and also featured custom cutting for innumerable roof protrusions. 

Do you have a higher-end roof in need of repair, restoration or replacement? Let us know and we’d happily swing by at your convenience for a complimentary recommendation and cost estimate. We are in Fairfield County all the time; contact us via either email or mobile phone (1-860-759-6270) and we can make arrangements to meet up. Thank you for considering Connecticut Roofcrafters.