Most of our business here at Connecticut Roofcrafters comes via word of mouth – people sharing their happiness about our roofs with friends and neighbors. Because of this, we put most of our focus and resources into creating customer satisfaction. Happy customers, for us, equals more customers.

npr logoSo when our ad guy said we needed greater awareness, our instincts about making customers happy really informed our thought process and it wasn’t long until we realized what we needed to do:  sponsor NPR.

For us, it was a no-brainer. We listen to it every day; it’s a constant companion as we travel the roads of Connecticut visiting with customers and prospects alike. We can’t imagine a day without Colin McEnroe, Terry Gross, Carl Kasell or CTRoofcrafter favorite Chion Wolf. It’s the same for many of our friends and family members. Our customers too. NPR is a way of life. So why not sponsor it and meet a business need as well? Done and doner.

Our sponsorship this month also allows us to provide a matching grant during the Connecticut Public Broadcasting fundraising drive this week. We can’t think of a better multiplier for our investment: helping keep the airwaves full of intelligent, funny and downright interesting news, information and entertainment.

If you feel the same way about NPR, please visit their site and make a donation. If you do it tomorrow, we can help make it go a bit further.

Thank you.